IDD Intake

Please review the steps included in this process and the information you will need to provide.

Gulf Coast Center conducts an assessment to determine whether someone can receive IDD services or support.

This process begins with a phone call to our Intake office and includes an assessment appointment with a Gulf Coast Center psychologist.

Step One – Gather Information

Before calling Gulf Coast Center to apply for IDD services, gather the following information:

1. Applicant Information Needed

    • Name of the applicant (The Applicant is the person who would receive the services based on a diagnosis of IDD, not the parent, guardian or caregiver.)
    • Address of the applicant
    • Telephone number at the applicant’s address
    • Date of birth of applicant
    • Gender of the applicant
    • Services received in the past by or from Gulf Coast Center
    • Diagnosis of the Applicant and information on who diagnosed the Applicant. A diagnosis may have been made by a school official, doctor or a community center.
    • The diagnosis may be one or more of the following:
      • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
      • Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Related Conditions prior to age 22 (TBI, genetic disorders, etc.)

If the Applicant has not received a diagnosis, be prepared to discuss why you believe the Applicant has one or more of the above conditions.

2. Legal Representative Information

Gulf Coast Center will need the following information for the Applicant’s Legal Representative. This is the person who makes legal decisions for the Applicant and may be the Applicant, a parent, a guardian or a spouse.

  • Legal Representative name
  • Legal Representative address
  • Legal Representative phone number
  • Legal Representative relationship to Applicant (parent, guardian, spouse, etc.)

3. Caller Information

The Caller may be different than the Applicant or the Legal Representative – perhaps a relative or friend. If that is the case, you will need to provide some information about the Caller.

  • Caller name
  • Caller address
  • Caller telephone number
  • Relationship to the Applicant

4. Applicant Needs

Be prepared to discuss what support or services the Applicant may require. What is needed? When is it needed? Do you think there may be a family crisis or change that will require out of home placement in the next year? What circumstances do you think we will need to know to understand the kinds of services that can help the Applicant?

5. Insurance and Financial Information

Gulf Coast Center will require some insurance and financial information about the Applicant. Note: Applicants cannot be refused services due to an inability to pay. Non-Medicaid services are provided by Gulf Coast Center on a “sliding scale” basis, as determined by Center staff using prescribed guidelines. You can learn more about charges for community services as specified in the Texas Administrative Code. The information needed includes:

  • Applicant’s current source of income, if any, including SS, SSDI, employment, trust fund, or other income source
  • Applicant’s insurance company and policy number or Medicaid number, as applicable.

Note that all information provided to Gulf Coast Center is protected for privacy by the national Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (see HIPAA Regulations and Guidance for more information).

Step Two – Begin Application Process by Phone

When you have gathered this information, call 1-888-839-3229 and ask for “IDD Intake.” An Intake Specialist will begin the application process using the information you have gathered.

At the conclusion of the phone call, a packet of information about types of services and release forms for relevant records will be mailed to the Legal Representative. After release forms and records have been received, an Assessment Appointment for the Applicant to meet with a Gulf Coast Center psychologist will be made.

Step Three – Assessment Appointment

Bring the following information to the Assessment Appointment at Gulf Coast Center:

  • Any printed or written information you gathered for the Intake/Application phone call
  • The Applicant’s Social Security number
  • The name and phone number of the Applicant’s primary physician
  • The Applicant’s current medical status, including physical limitations, medications, any hospitalizations, etc.

Following the Determination of Eligibility appointment, the Applicant, Legal Representative or Caller will receive:

  • The results of evaluation
  • The type of services available now or when services may be available
  • Possible alternatives if services are not immediately available
  • The opportunity to specify the services in which you are interested