Passionate? Dedicated? We might have the career you’re looking for. 

Our employees are the heart of Gulf Coast Center, and we are always looking for talented, positive people to join our team. Every day, our employees deliver exceptional care and customer service that enhance our clients’ quality of life.

We post new positions regularly and accept applications through our online job portal. To apply, you will be required to sign up for a free account using an email address.

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  • Retirement plans with employer match
  • Medical insurance (voluntary, low cost to employee)
  • Dental insurance (voluntary, low cost to employee)
  • Vision insurance (voluntary, low cost to employee)
  • Life Insurance (2x salary up to $200,000 paid by Gulf Coast Center – additional paid by employee)
  • Short term disability insurance (paid by Gulf Coast Center)
  • Long term disability insurance (voluntary, employee paid)
  • Personal leave and holidays
  • Annual wellness reimbursement
  • Annual wellness benefit for participation and completion of program
  • Educational benefits for some qualified positions
  • Gulf Coast Center is a qualified local government entity that may qualify employees for the Public Student Loan Forgiveness Plan (subject to certain requirements and guidelines being met by the employee based on this government program). There is no guarantee of this program for all employees.

Transparency in Coverage

In compliance with the Transparency in Coverage final rule, you will find the pricing information via machine-readable files (MRF’s) that include: 1) negotiated rates for in-network providers and 2) billed charges and allowed amounts paid for out-of-network providers, for The Gulf Coast Center’s medical programs, available at this link, which is housed on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas website.

Web link is posted here:

Gulf Coast Center is a mission-based organization with strong core values that guide not just how we work with our clients, but how we work with each other and the community.


We value people by serving individuals and families with care and compassion.


We value the pursuit of operational excellence by striving to gain efficiencies, decrease costs, and enhance service delivery through innovation.


We value achievement of an exemplary standard of accountability for our individual and collective performance.


We value the crucial role which family members and other natural supports play in effective treatment.


We value collaboration to efficiently maximize resources and improve outcomes of care.


We value united and uncompromising resolve as we steadfastly safeguard and evolve our work environment to uphold education, responsible self-direction, and collaborative coaching.


We value commitment to build and strengthen partnerships that benefit the needs and values of our community as a whole.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gulf Coast Center lists all open job postings in the Careers section of our website. Job postings include a job title, description, location, hours, pay, and other pertinent information.

The Gulf Coast Center website ( is the best place to learn about the services we offer and where we offer them.

Yes, you and select multiple job listings when submitting your application. Additionally, you may email us at with any questions.

Once your application is submitted, HR will review your credentials, education and experience and will contact you to schedule an initial HR assessment with one of our HR staff. If you meet the requirements of the position, your application will be forwarded to the hiring manager(s) for the position(s) for which you have applied. If or when the hiring manager is ready to contact you for an interview or for additional questions, they will do so directly.


Our website is updated daily, so when new positions open or close, we update our site immediately. If it is not posted, it has either been filled or closed by the hiring manager. But check back for new or different opportunities.

We only accept online applications. You will be required to submit a copy of an updated resume, copies of your transcript(s) and references during the online application process. However, if you left something out or need to add more to your already submitted application, please contact our Human Resources department at to have it added.

Yes. All applications must include an updated resume.

You can contact your local Texas Workforce Commission office to set up an appointment with a Career Counselor that will be able to assist you in this area.

Education requirements are listed in each job posting. Not all positions require college degrees. But many Gulf Coast Center positions require a college degrees in behavioral health sciences, including psychology, social work, medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, counseling, sociology, human growth & development, physician assistant, gerontology, special education, educational psychology, early childhood education or early childhood intervention.

Before applying for any position, please be sure to review Gulf Coast Center’s Bars to Employment that will prevent us from considering you for a position.

Bars to Employment   

Consistent with the Texas Health and Safety Code, 250.006, convictions of criminal offenses, which constitute an absolute bar to employment at Gulf Coast Center. Certain convictions may cause an offer to be withdrawn or make you ineligible for continued employment. An FBI fingerprint screening is required for applicants that have resided outside of Texas.

(a) A person for whom the facility or the individual employer is entitled to obtain criminal history record information may not be employed in a facility or by an individual employer if the person has been convicted of an offense listed in this subsection:

  • an offense under Chapter 19, Penal Code (criminal homicide);
  • an offense under Chapter 20, Penal Code (kidnapping and unlawful restraint);
  • an offense under Section 21.02, Penal Code (continuous sexual abuse of young child or children), or Section 21.11, Penal Code (indecency with a child);
  • an offense under Section 22.011, Penal Code (sexual assault);
  • an offense under Section 22.02, Penal Code (aggravated assault);
  • an offense under Section 22.04, Penal Code (injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual);
  • an offense under Section 22.041, Penal Code (abandoning or endangering child);
  • an offense under Section 22.08, Penal Code (aiding suicide);
  • an offense under Section 25.031, Penal Code (agreement to abduct from custody);
  • an offense under Section 25.08, Penal Code (sale or purchase of a child);
  • an offense under Section 28.02, Penal Code (arson);
  • an offense under Section 29.02, Penal Code (robbery);
  • an offense under Section 29.03, Penal Code (aggravated robbery);
  • an offense under Section 21.08, Penal Code (indecent exposure);
  • an offense under Section 21.12, Penal Code (improper relationship between educator and student);
  • an offense under Section 21.15, Penal Code (improper photography or visual recording);
  • an offense under Section 22.05, Penal Code (deadly conduct);
  • an offense under Section 22.021, Penal Code (aggravated sexual assault);
  • an offense under Section 22.07, Penal Code (terroristic threat);
  • an offense under Section 33.021, Penal Code (online solicitation of a minor);
  • an offense under Section 34.02, Penal Code (money laundering);
  • an offense under Section 35A.02, Penal Code (Medicaid fraud);
  • an offense under Section 36.06, Penal Code (obstruction or retaliation);
  • an offense under Section 42.09, Penal Code (cruelty to livestock animals), or under Section 42.092, Penal Code (cruelty to non-livestock animals); or
  • a conviction under the laws of another state, federal law, or the Uniform Code of Military Justice for an offense containing elements that are substantially similar to the elements of an offense listed by this subsection.

Chapter 481, Texas Controlled Substances Act: a conviction that is punishable as a felony (involving manufacture, delivery, intent to distribute, conspiracy to possess or produce with intent to distribute, distribution to a minor, illegal expenditure or investment, or transfer of receipt of chemical laboratory apparatus)

Texas Penal Code

  • an offense under Section 15.01 Penal Code (Criminal Attempt of any offense listed as a bar)
  • an offense under Section 43.03 Penal Code (Promotion of Prostitution)
  • an offense under Section 43.04 Penal Code (Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution)
  • an offense under Section 43.25 Penal Code (Sexual Performance by a Child)
  • an offense under Section 43.26 Penal Code (Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography

(b) A person may not be employed in a position the duties of which involve direct contact with a consumer in a facility or may not be employed by an individual employer before the fifth anniversary of the date the person is convicted of:

  • an offense under Section 22.01, Penal Code (assault), that is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor or as a felony;
  • an offense under Section 30.02, Penal Code (burglary);
  • an offense under Chapter 31, Penal Code (theft), that is punishable as a felony;
  • an offense under Section 32.45, Penal Code (misapplication of fiduciary property or property of a financial institution), that is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor or a felony;
  • an offense under Section 32.46, Penal Code (securing execution of a document by deception), that is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor or a felony;
  • an offense under Section 37.12, Penal Code (false identification as peace officer); or
  • an offense under Section 42.01(a)(7), (8), or (9), Penal Code (disorderly conduct).

A person who is placed on deferred adjudication community supervision for an offense listed in this section successfully completes the period of deferred adjudication community supervision, and received a dismissal and discharge in accordance with Section 5(c), Article 42.12 code of Criminal Procedure, is not considered convicted of the offense for which the person received deferred adjudication community supervision.