CPR-AED-First Aid

With more than 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurring in the United States each year, bystanders are key to increasing survival rates! This course will teach you how to respond to emergencies that happen at work, at home, and in your community. Through discussions, videos, and hands-on practice, you will be able to respond confidently to emergency situations.  The certification card is valid for two years, is nationally recognized, and is OSHA compliant.

For information on Gulf Coast Center’s CPR-AED-First Aid Training or to schedule a training at your organization, please contact Jeanine McNulty at 409-944-4305 or jeaninem@gulfcoastcenter.org.

Course topics include:

  •  Recognizing emergencies
  •  Deciding to act
  •  Responding to an unconscious adult, child or infant
  •  CPR & AED use for adult, child or infant
  •  Heart attack, stroke & seizures
  •  Allergic reaction & asthma
  •  Choking
  •  Diabetic emergencies
  •  Shock
  •  Poisoning
  •  Sprains & strains
  •  Muscle, bone and joint injuries
  •  Burns, bites & stings
  •  Bleeding control, bandaging & splinting
  •  Protection from infection
  •  HIV/AIDS (optional topic)
  •  Hepatitis  (optional topic)
  •  TB (optional topic)
  •  STDs (optional topic)